Archiving vs. deleting

Sometimes, you might want to delete something from your PartBolt database. For example, you might have used all of the stock in a lot and so would like to delete that lot. Or, maybe you accidentally added a part that you no longer need.

If an item has never actually been used (for example, you created a location or manufacturer by mistake), you can delete it entirely. However, PartBolt will not let you delete an item that’s been used in the past. For example, if you’ve add or removed stock from a part before, you’ll get an error when deleting it—even if there’s no stock currently associated with that part. This helps ensure that historical data is preserved. Instead, we recommend that you archive the item instead. This will have the same effect as deleting the item would, hiding it from your immediate view, but the actual data will not be removed, and can still be reviewed by looking at a part’s history.

If you have a need to fully delete an item, you may contact us at [email protected]; however, in most cases, archiving the item is the best course of action.